An Open Lecture of AI and EO for Sustainability Monitoring

EU Interreg AuroraSpace presents an online lecture on 

Monday 20.5.2024, 13:20-14:20 (EEST i.e. Finnish time)

Professor Kevin Tansey, University of Leicester

“AI and EO for Sustainability Monitoring”

Abstract: Interfaces and relationships between Earth Observation (EO) data and computer science / machine learning (ML) has existed for more than 25 years. However, with the quite unbelievable expansion in EO data, at all wavelengths and resolutions, alongside growth in computational resource and availability and interest in data sharing, the use of ML has sky-rocketed. This talk will make reference to a number of projects where we have utilised a range of satellite data sets to yield information to support decision making in the energy sector. But, let’s be honest; satellite data is noisy with cloud and haze, never really available when and where you want it, it can be expensive, thermal data requires emissivity’s, radar data saturates really quickly, model training data is poor, etc. etc. Solutions are, however, sought out and needed. They need to be accurate as well. The pathway that we need to tread to make sure that are solutions are sustainable in contexts of data architecture and availability, user requirements, processing efficiency and, importantly, affordability will be outlined. At Space Park Leicester, we have collaborated with industry partners and students to accelerate innovative ideas that utilise EO and ML and facilitate deployment of prototypes quickly. It is only through extensive discussions with stakeholders that we can comprehend their decision making of the products generated by satellites and can start down the path of automated and intelligent service provision in any sector.

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