Join Us to Boost Space Business

Heidi Kuusniemi presenting the survey at Business Finland's Space Business Forum

AuroraSpace aims to analyse the shape, form and needs of the Nordic space business sector.

The AuroraSpace’s PI, Heidi Kuusniemi presenting the survey at Space Business Forum organized by the Business Finland.

The AuroraSpace project funded by the EU Interreg Aurora program aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem for the space economy across Finland, Norway, and Sweden. With a focus that extends beyond the northern Aurora region to encompass all space economy enterprises, we aim to create a comprehensive and inclusive research to the business landscape in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

As part of advancing the innovation ecosystem, a survey will be sent to all space industry companies and organisations in Finland, Sweden, and Norway known by the members of the consortium. We encourage all the receivers of the questionnaire to participate in the survey.

This Is What We Can Offer the Participants

  • Enhanced visibility: your company will be prominently featured in a comprehensive showcase of Nordic space economy enterprises. This unparalleled visibility opens doors to new partnerships, amplifies your brand presence, and positions your company as a forerunner within the industry
  • Partnership opportunities: engage with a vast network of potential collaborators and stakeholders within the Nordic space economy ecosystem. Discover synergies, form new alliances, and unlock opportunities for collaborative innovation and growth.
  • Access to a diverse partnership network: joining our initiative provides access to a diverse network of industry players, researchers, and innovators. Explore a multitude of partnership avenues, from joint projects to investment opportunities, within our extensive partnership network.

Through the insights gathered from the survey, we aim to tailor the space economy ecosystem to better meet the expectations of businesses, fostering a functional ecosystem for sustainable development. The survey follows guidelines set by the OECD Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy

Why Is Your Organisation’s Participation Crucial

  • Inclusive research: participate in a pioneering study aimed at enhancing the northern Nordics i.e. the Aurora region’s space economy ecosystem.
  • Data privacy and integrity: we assure meticulous handling of your organisation’s information. Survey and interview data will be anonymized, ensuring no company can be identified without explicit permission. You can find the research’s Data Management Plan here.
  • Networking and growth: gain access to an industry-specific, map-based list of companies and organisations, engage in space co-creation projects, and discover matchmaking opportunities with researchers and funding sources. Increase your visibility through the production and marketing of the AuroraSpace’s promotional materials.
  • Support and development: benefit from participation in hackathon events, business development workshops, expert consultations, and a comprehensive portal of space-related services and training material, all designed to foster business growth and networking.

Link to the Survey

If you haven’t received the link to the survey but your organisation belongs to the target group, you can use the QR code below to click into the Webropol survey.

Please, notice that our consortium members do not send the survey to the organisations in different countries at the same time.

Here is the Data Management plan of the survey.

For any queries related to the survey, please feel free to contact project manager Mikko Punnala (